Vernon M. Geddy Jr. Photograph Collection

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Vernon M. Geddy Jr. Photograph Collection


Architecture, Domestic - Virginia - King and Queen County
Cogar Shop (Williamsburg, Va.)
Historic buildings - Virginia - King and Queen County


Sixty-five black and white photographs of the exterior, interior, outbuildings, and various architectural details of Rosewood, King and Queen County, Virginia, prior to the house's move to Williamsburg, Virginia. In 1947, James Lowry Cogar, Colonial Williamsburg's first official curator and head of the Collections Department from 1931-1948, had the building dismantled, reconstructed, and restored in Williamsburg to serve as his residence. Today the structure is known as the Cogar Shop in reference to its first Williamsburg owner. Notable features of the building, as described by Colonial Williamsburg architect Paul Buchanan, are its mainly original mid-eighteenth century details and its excellent restoration.

Vernon M. Geddy Jr., the son of Vernon Geddy Sr., a Williamsburg attorney who held senior level positions at Colonial Williamsburg during its founding decades, donated the collection in 1986. The photographer is unknown, although a few of the images bear the initials of Colonial Williamsburg architect Ernest M. Frank. Since several of the photos show individuals inspecting and measuring the building and a few have the date 1948 noted on them, it is thought they all date to around the time period when the house moved from King and Queen County to Williamsburg.


Circa 1948

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Vernon M. Geddy Jr. Photograph Collection, AV2009.18




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Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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Unknown Circa 1948
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