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Exterior view of the A & P Store (south side of Merchants Square), from the corner of Duke of Gloucester Street and North Henry Streets, 1935.  The A&P Food Market, which was later converted into the Craft House, stands at the street corner. …

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Gov. George C. Peery during the 1934 dedication of Duke of Gloucester Street. Williamsburg mayor Channing Hall stands in foreground.

President Warren Harding (tipping hat in the back seat) rides in a car through the city of Williamsburg, ca. 1920s. President Harding served from 1921-1923 before dying in office. During his visit, Williamsburg had not yet been restored to its 18th…

Recto and verso of a postcard featuring a view of the Merchants Square area at the west end of Duke of Gloucester Street.

This image of businesses in Block 23, in what is known as the Arcade Building, shows the evolution of uses on Merchant's…

Bruton Heights School Homecoming Parade on Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1950's. The automobiles are passing through Merchants Square. Schmidt Appliances is visible in the background.

Bruton Heights School Homecoming Parade, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1950's. Cora Roberts is settled on car hood and Marion Ashby (who later won the Rockefeller Scholarship) is seated in the car.

Members of the Isle of Wight Homecoming Court pose on an automobile, Isle of Wight County Training School, Virginia, circa 1950's.

Members of an African American hunt club pose with their dogs and deer in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, circa 1950's.

African American men, members of the Buckeye Hunt Club, pose with their dogs in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, circa 1950's.

Two African American women members of the Bruton Heights School basketball team sit on the hood of a car, circa 1950's.

Members of the Bruton Heights School Homecoming Court posing in front of an automobile parked near a football field, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1950's.

Members of the James Weldon Johnson High School Homecoming Court pose in car on the football field, Yorktown, Virginia.

Owens Tire Co., a service station that used to stand on Duke of Gloucester Street near the area known today as Merchants Square.

Pre-restoration view looking east down Duke of Gloucester Street, circa 1928. The grass median and power lines down the center disappeared by the mid-1930s as work progressed on transforming Duke of Gloucester Street into what President Roosevelt…

Her Majesty Elizabeth, Queen Mother of Great Britain, arrives back at the Williamsburg Inn after a tour of Colonial Williamsburg. Winthrop Rockefeller, who served as her tour guide, is seated in the front seat of the automobile.

Automobiles parked in the semi-circular drive in front of the Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Automobiles line Duke of Gloucester Street in this pre-restoration street scene of Williamsburg, Virginia, circa late 1920s. The island down the center of the street, along with the above ground power lines, would disappear in a few years to make way…

Row houses and shops line a street in the village of Amersham, England, circa 1930s.

A landscape employee waters shrubs on the campus of the College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, with the aid of a water truck, circa late 1930s.
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