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Pre-restoration view of Market Square looking towards Williamsburg Baptist Church and Williamsburg Hotel (also known at one time as Dr. Bell's Hospital), Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928.

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Hotel Williamsburg, later Bell’s Hospital, located near the Powder Magazine on Market Square, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928.

Pre-restoration view looking down Duke of Gloucester street towards the Market Square area, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928. Buildings pictured are, right to left: U.S. Post Office (formerly Williamsburg Methodist Church), the Peninsula Bank, the…

Pre-restoration view looking along Duke of Gloucester Street towards Bell's Hospital, Peninsula Garage, and Peninsula Bank, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928.

North and west facades of the Williamsburg Hotel (formerly Bell's Hospital), Williamsburg, Virginia. This building was located on Market Square near the Powder Magazine, but was demolished during the restoration.
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