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Window and entrance of the Piedmont and Tide-Water Land Compnay Office, a real estate and insurance firm managed by F.H. Ball in Williamsburg, Virginia.

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Exterior of an unidentified retail store building in the Williamsburg, Virginia area

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A clerk stands at the cash register of an unidentified general store in the Williamsburg, Virginia area

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Pre-restoration view looking southeast along Duke of Gloucester Street in the area of Block 10, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928.

Advertisement for Bertie's Beauty Salon and School, Lightfoot, Va., from Souvenir Program for Dedication Services and 180th Anniversary of First Baptist Church, Williamsburg, Va. (October 1956), p. 35. Reproduced with the permission of First Baptist…

A beautician demonstrating finger waving at Bertie’s Beauty Salon and School, Lightfoot, Va., circa 1950s.

Dr. Frederick Peagler working on a patient, Carrie Norcum, at a dental clinic at Bruton Heights School, circa 1950s.

West End Valet Dry Cleaning Shop, Prince George St., Williamsburg, Va., ca. 1950s. Owner Charlie Gary and [Inelle Hawkins or Inelle Slade Halcomb] in foreground, James Cumber in background.

Clarence Webb inside his grocery, Prince George Street, Williamsburg, Va., circa late 1940s-1950s.

Ernest Wallace Hillside Café, also known as Wallace and Cook's Beer Garden, located on Raleigh Lane [no longer extant] between Franklin and Nicholson Streets, Williamsburg, Va., September 1953. From left to right: Mr. Goodman, Charles Wallace, Elsie…

The Beautician Association, Williamsburg, Va., circa late 1940s-1950s. Center, seated: Bertie Herndon. Photo taken at Bertie's Beauty Salon and School, owned by Ms. Herndon.

Albert Durant holds the door of his limousine open for the Prince Akihito of Japan during his visit to Williamsburg in 1953. Photographer unidentified.

Portrait of Albert Wadsworth Durant in his chauffeur uniform. Photographer unidentified.
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