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Walter Cronkite visited Colonial Williamsburg during the 1967 Prelude to Independence event. Mr. Cronkite was one of many notable guests at the 1967 Prelude to Independence, which ran from May 15 to July 4. The main celebration occurred on May 27,…

French explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau chats with a costumed interpreter outside the Williamsburg Lodge. Mr. Cousteau's visit came during the 1981 bicentennial celebration of the French and American victory at Yorktown. The bicentennial…

Shirley Temple, beloved child star of the 1930s, visited Colonial Williamsburg in 1938. In this photograph, she is pictured with her father outside the Williamsburg Inn. Her visit included a tour of the Governor's Palace, cut slightly short by her…

Children's television host Bob Keeshan, known for playing "Captain Kangaroo," waves to his fans as he descends the Governor's Palace steps. Keeshan often toured the country to meet fans, like this 1969 visit to Williamsburg,

Walt Disney visited Colonial Williamsburg numerous times, including this visit with some of his staff. Kenneth Chorley, President of Colonial Williamsburg, on right.

Fred Rogers, of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," rides in a stage wagon and chats with local children. Mr. Rogers was in Colonial Williamsburg to film parts of episode 1670, "Then and Now," which aired September 3, 1993.

Prince Charles and Governor John Dalton during their visit to the Capitol in 1981. The Prince of Wales toured the United States, stopping in Colonial Williamsburg in the footsteps of his mother and grandmother. Prince Charles visited the Governor's…

John Wayne strikes a funny pose at the Governor's Palace during filming of the Perry Como Christmas special. Wayne's role in the Christmas special would be one of his last filmed roles before his death the following year. Wayne stayed in the…

Kylene Barker (Miss America 1979) with Perry Como at the Millinery shop as crew members look on during filming for Como's 1978 Christmas special, "Early American Christmas."

President Urho Kekkonen of Finland and Ambassador Shirley Temple Black lawn bowling at the Williamsburg Inn in 1976. Shirley Temple Black, who would also serve as U.S. Chief of Protocol, played host for several dignitaries, including President…
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