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Cooks making biscuits on board the S.S. United States during its shakedown cruise in 1952.

Cooks on board the SS United States during her shakedown cruise in 1952.

Recto and verso of postcard illustrated with a reproduction of a painting titled "Aunt Mary" by Eleanor R. Craighill. The African American costumed interpreter is seated on a chair in the Governor's Palace Kitchen at Colonial Williamsburg. This…

Recto and verso of postcard illustrated with a drawing by Charles H. Overly of the Governor's Palace Kitchen. The sketch depicts two costumed interpreters demonstrating colonial food preparation techniques by the large open fireplace. Overly…

Recto and verso of official Colonial Williamsburg postcard illustrated with a color photo of a costumed African American interpreter shelling beans by the fire. Published by H.S. Crocker Co., Inc. for Colonial Williamsburg, the card is an example of…

Interior view of the Governor’s Palace Kitchen, featuring a female costumed interpreter in the role of an enslaved cook or scullery maid, 1933. The Governor's Palace (and its outbuildings, like the Palace Kitchen) opened to the public in 1934. In…
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