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Rear elevation of the Wren Building at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, undergoing restoration, circa 1930.

View of the southwest elevation of the reconstructed "First" Capitol of 1704 nearing completion in Williamsburg, Virginia, February 15, 1934.

Pre-restoration view of the south elevation of the Courthouse of 1770 located on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Virginia, March 1931. At this point in time, columns and chimneys are still in place on the Courthouse, above ground power…

View from the south of the demolition of Williamsburg High School, with the cupola of the Governor's Palace visible in the background, Williamsburg, Virginia, June 19, 1933.

Reconstruction progress on the southwest elevation of the Governor's Palace, December 1932.

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Pre-restoration view of the Courthouse of 1770 showing the front, or south, facade with columns, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928.

Southeast elevation of the Courthouse, circa 1928, as it appeared after restoration in 1911. When a fire gutted the interior in 1911, four columns were installed to support the exterior portico.

Hand-colored photograph of rear view of the Ballroom Wing of the Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930's

Hand-colored photograph of the Governor's Palace viewed from Palace Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930's

Hand-colored photograph of the reconstructed colonial Capitol, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930's

Northwest elevation of the reconstructed Capitol, 1932.

Firehouse, now demolished and once located on Merchants Square, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1930.

View looking from the maze across the formal garden towards the Ballroom Wing of the Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1935.

Exterior of the Governor's Palace, north facade, viewed from behind the Palace, 1935. In the foreground, standing along the central path of the Palace's formal gardens, are three female costumed interpreters (once called "hostesses"), dressed in…

View looking through the front gate towards the entrance of the Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa early 1930s. Taken by contract photographer Frank Nivison to document progress on the reconstruction of the Palace complex, the slide…
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