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African American Bruton Heights School Principal, Alfred Talbot, and his wife, Hazel, attending the prom as chaperones, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1950s.

African American couple, Audrey (Ethel) Hill Wallace and Herbert Cheeseman, attending a Bruton Heights High School prom in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Audrey (Ethel) Hill Wallace attending a Bruton Heights High School prom in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Thelma Martin Casselle and Judson Lee pose for a portrait during a Bruton Heights High School prom held in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Bruton Heights Prom chaperones identified as Mr. R. G. Parker (auto mechanics teacher) and his wife, Edna Parker.

Prom portrait of Delphine Roberts and Milton Cooke at a Williamsburg, Virginia area high school dance.

A group of African American students pose in front of the band at a dance held in the Bruton Heights School gym, Williamsburg, Virginia. Identified (l to r): first two unidentified, 'Tuck' Johnson, Philip Cooke, Herbert Cooke, Preston Crump, …

African American prom chaperones posing at high school dance in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. Individuals identified as (l to r) Lucille Burrell, Lucille Roberts-Rogster, Branson Drew Jr., Emmajean Cook, Joe Betts, Lillian Beige, Ollie Beige.…

Couples dancing at the Bruton Heights USO, a segregated recreational facility for African American soldiers located in Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1943.
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