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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (center), Russian author and (at the time of this photograph) Soviet exile, visited Colonial Williamsburg on Independence Day, 1975. Solzhenitsyn had been forced to leave the Soviet Union due to his writings, and had only…

Renowned Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini enjoys a tour of a garden in Colonial Williamsburg with a costumed interpreter. His 1950 visit came during the height of his popularity in the United States while conducting the NBC Symphony Orchestra.

Children's television host Bob Keeshan, known for playing "Captain Kangaroo," waves to his fans as he descends the Governor's Palace steps. Keeshan often toured the country to meet fans, like this 1969 visit to Williamsburg,

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Chinese President Jiang Zemin and his wife Wang Yeping are presented with gifts by President Wilburn at the Governor's Palace. Jiang's visit to Colonial Williamsburg came with national attention. He took a short tour of the town before meeting with a…

As part of warming relations with China following President Nixon's February 1972 visit, the Chinese table tennis team toured America in April 1972, including a stop at Colonial Williamsburg. In this photograph, a costumed interpreter and translator…

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's motorcade in front of the Capitol during the dedication ceremony for Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Virginia, on October 20, 1934.

Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat leaves the Lightfoot House. Sadat's visit to Colonial Williamsburg came as part his first official state visit to the United States since becoming President of Egypt. Following an afternoon touring the Historic Area,…

Éamon De Valera, Irish revolutionary and statesman (left), is seated in a carriage during his tour with Colonial Williamsburg Foundation President Carlisle Humelsine (middle) of the Historic Area. The Magazine is seen in the background.

Eleanor Roosevelt in front of the Governor's Palace. Mrs. Roosevelt's visit to Colonial Williamsburg had a full schedule compared to other distinguished visitors. On her first morning in Williamsburg, Mrs. Roosevelt took tours of seven buildings…

Japan's Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako setting out from the Williamsburg Inn on a carriage ride with Colonial Williamsburg president Carlisle Humelsine. The Emperor and Empress requested that their visit be identical to the visit of Queen…

First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, visit the Printing Office in Colonial Williamsburg. The Clinton's tour of the Historic Area included visits to numerous locations, with crowds following the First Family up and down Duke of…

Colonial Williamsburg actor/interpreter John Hamant presents former President George H.W. Bush with a copy of " Williamsburg Before and After" during his visit. Former President Bush visited Colonial Williamsburg in 1995 during his trip to give the…

Former President Richard Nixon with wife Pat and archaeologist Ivor Noel Hume in the archaeology lab, 1981. Former President Nixon took a personal interest in the archaeological methods used at Colonial Williamsburg. Ivor Noel Hume, director of the…

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Gov. George C. Peery during the 1934 dedication of Duke of Gloucester Street. Williamsburg mayor Channing Hall stands in foreground.

Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (second from left) laughs during his 1984 visit to the John Greenhow Store in Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area.

Henry Ford (front row, far left) with Rev. W.A.R. Goodwin (second row, far left) and others during a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. Rev. Goodwin, the driving force behind the effort to restore Williamsburg to its 18th century appearance, originally…

Children clap in welcome for Her Majesty Elizabeth The Queen Mother of England during her 1954 visit to Williamsburg, Virginia. During her visit, the Queen Mother had dinner in King's Arms Tavern, enjoyed a carriage ride around the Historic Area, and…

Her Majesty Elizabeth, the Queen Mother of Great Britain, greets officials outside the Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg, Virginia, November 1954.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England walking with Governor Thomas Stanley outside the Williamsburg Inn during her visit in 1957. The Queen's visit to Williamsburg came as part of her visit to Jamestown, celebrating the 350th anniversary of its…

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Herbert Hoover (second man from left) walking on the sidewalk past the President's House on the campus of the College of William & Mary, May 15, 1926. In his role as Secretary of Commerce under President Calvin Coolidge, Hoover visited Williamsburg…
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