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President Harry S. Truman, flanked by several costumed interpreters, laughs as he descends the steps outside the Governor's Palace. President Truman was in Williamsburg in 1948 to receive an honorary degree from The College of William and Mary.…

King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece descending the stairs at the WIlliamsburg Inn. The King and Queen were among the first foreign dignitaries to visit Colonial Williamsburg through the State Department program established by Colonial…

During his 1946 tour of the United States with General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sir Winston Churchill made plans to visit Colonial Williamsburg, now twelve years old after the opening of its Historic Area. Mr. Churchill and General Eisenhower arrived by…

"Hiroshima Maidens," a group of Japanese women in the U.S. to treat disfigurements from the atomic bombing, visit Colonial Williamsburg on October 18, 1956. By October of 1956 the women had completed most of the surgeries, and were preparing to…

Japan's Emperor Hirohito and Empress Nagako setting out from the Williamsburg Inn on a carriage ride with Colonial Williamsburg president Carlisle Humelsine. The Emperor and Empress requested that their visit be identical to the visit of Queen…

Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia rides in a carriage with Williamsburg Mayor (Dr.) Henry M. Stryker, Colonial Williamsburg President Carlisle Humelsine, and others. Tito was in the United States for an informal visit to tour the nation. While visiting…

President and Mrs. Arturo Frondizi of Argentina visit with interpreters outside of The Golden Ball. President Frondizi toured the United States as part of his official state visit, which included a ticker tape parade in New York City.

Henry Ford (front row, far left) with Rev. W.A.R. Goodwin (second row, far left) and others during a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. Rev. Goodwin, the driving force behind the effort to restore Williamsburg to its 18th century appearance, originally…

Eleanor Roosevelt in front of the Governor's Palace. Mrs. Roosevelt's visit to Colonial Williamsburg had a full schedule compared to other distinguished visitors. On her first morning in Williamsburg, Mrs. Roosevelt took tours of seven buildings…

King Zahir and Queen Humaira Begum of Afghanistan during their visit to Colonial Williamsburg in 1963. The 'Last King of Afghanistan' visited Colonial Williamsburg with his wife as part of a tour of the United States.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Gov. George C. Peery during the 1934 dedication of Duke of Gloucester Street. Williamsburg mayor Channing Hall stands in foreground.

Canine television star Lassie visited Colonial Williamsburg in 1966. The cast and crew of "Lassie" came to Williamsburg to film the third chapter of the 7-part "Lassie the Voyager" story arc. This episode came in the 13th season of the show, during…

Photo taken during visit of Soviet cosmonauts Georgy Beregovoy and Konstantin Feoktistov and former U.S. astronaut William Anders. Also in party are Mrs. Beregovoy and 19 year-old Viktor Beregovoy.

King Faisal of Saudi Arabia rides through the Historic Area in a carriage during his June 1966 visit. King Faisal came to Williamsburg on his way to meet President Johnson for his first official state visit. Due to some logistical changes at the last…

President Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania playing volleyball during a visit to Colonial Williamsburg in 1970. President Ceausescu mentioned his love of volleyball during his tour of the Historic Area, so a net was set up in the backyard of the Lightfoot…

The Shah of Iran (left), Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, and the Empress of Iran (rrigh), Farah Pahlavi, visit the Lightfoot House with President Carlisle Hummelsine (2nd from left) and his wife, Mary, in July of 1973.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (center), Russian author and (at the time of this photograph) Soviet exile, visited Colonial Williamsburg on Independence Day, 1975. Solzhenitsyn had been forced to leave the Soviet Union due to his writings, and had only…

President Urho Kekkonen of Finland and Ambassador Shirley Temple Black lawn bowling at the Williamsburg Inn in 1976. Shirley Temple Black, who would also serve as U.S. Chief of Protocol, played host for several dignitaries, including President…

Presidential hopeful Jimmy Carter at a rally held at the Williamsburg Lodge before the October 22, 1976 Presidential debate with President Gerald Ford at Phi Beta Kappa Hall at the College of William & Mary.

Kylene Barker (Miss America 1979) with Perry Como at the Millinery shop as crew members look on during filming for Como's 1978 Christmas special, "Early American Christmas."
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