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South elevation of John Blair House, Williamsburg, Virginia

South door of Abingdon Church, Gloucester County, Virginia

Pedimental entrance door, Hammond-Harwood House, Annapolis, Maryland

Paneled door, interior of Chase-Lloyd House, Annapolis, Maryland

Detail of pediment entrance door at Kerr Place, Accomack County, Virginia

AHH-030 W.jpg
Pencil sketch of the door of the Bruton Parish Church tower, Williamsburg, Virginia, dated June, 1927. Inscription reads: "To the Rev. Dr. Goodwin. Andrew H. Hepburn."

View of the entrance door to Hayfield, Spotsylvania County, Virginia

View looking from entrance door down pathway towards garden and grounds, Auburn, Mathews County, Virginia

Detail of door at main entry to Warner Hall, Gloucester County, Virginia

Detail of paneled south entrance door at Carter's Grove Plantation, James City County, Virginia

Detail view of door with brick arch and fanlight window, Mount Clement, Essex County, Virginia

Rear entrance and porch of Kinloch, near Loretto, Essex County, Virginia

First floor interior passageway at George Wythe House, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930's. On verso of photo is a note written by the photographer.

Close-up view of a cast-iron doorstop inside the Travis House when it served as a restaurant on Duke of Gloucester Street in the 1930s. The figure represents an African-American "Mammy."

Close-up view of the front entrance of the Robert Carter House taken by F.S. Lincoln in 1935. Restoration of the structure between 1931-1932 involved removal of the two story Doric portico added in the nineteenth century. While the hanging pediment…

Oblique view of the front elevation of the Ludwell-Paradise house looking west down Duke of Gloucester Street towards the Prentis Store, 1935. One of the eighty-eight original eighteenth-century buildings at Colonial Williamsburg, the house played an…

View through the front door of the Ludwell-Paradise House of a carriage awaiting a passenger, 1935. The front elevation of the George Reid House is visible across Duke of Gloucester Street.

A costumed interpreter stands at the front entrance of Ludwell-Paradise House in 1935, soon after it opened as one of the early exhibition buildings at Colonial Williamsburg.

One of the eighty-eight original eighteenth-century buildings at…

Interior detail of a pediment above a door in the Ballroom of the Governor's Palace, 1935. The pediment exhibits richly carved neo-classical ornamentation and the royal coat of arms of the kingdom of Great Britain. Among the room's furnishings, a…
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