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Exterior of Abingdon Church in Gloucester County, Virginia featuring pedimental gables, round-headed windows, and molded brickwork.

Side and gable end of Robert Carter House Kitchen, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Detail of exterior of Bacon's Castle, Surry County, Virginia, June, 1931.

Post-restoration view of the Bourbon House after being restored to its eighteenth-century appearance and re-named the Christopher Ayscough Shop.

Christopher Ayscough, the namesake of the shop, tried operating a tavern on the site between…

View of the side of the main building at Bacon's Castle with its gable end and triple chimney. Located in Surry County, Virginia, the home was erected in 1665 by colonial planter Arthur Allen.

Exterior of the Governor's Palace, northwest facade, 1935. In the foreground, the rear entrance and ballroom wing of the building is visible, while the main wing of the Governor's Palace stands in the background. The ballroom wing was built as an…

This view from the pleached hornbeam arbor at the Governor’s Palace shows the north and west facades. The ballroom wing, an addition during the 1750s, includes the royal arms in its pedimented gable. Gardens, designed by Arthur Shurcliff, include…
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