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Two African American women staff a registration desk for the Home Assignments Committee, possibly at a church in the Williamsburg, Virginia area.

An African American woman seated at the registration desk for the Home Assignments Committee, Williamsburg, Virginia area, circa 1950s.

Members of a Beauticians' Club pose in Williamsburg, Virginia area home, circa 1950s. Women identified in back row as (l to r): Eliza Hamm, Georgia Johnson, Margaret Scales, unidentified, Louise Lawrence, Ernestine Wales. Women identified seated as…

Members of a club enjoying a dinner at Log Cabin Beach, a segregated recreational facility for African Americans located along the James River near Williamsburg, Virginia.

Members of the Hampton Alumni Club attending a banquet, July 1950.

African American Eastern Star Organization group portrait taken in the Williamsburg, Virginia, area. Identified in back row (l to r): Unidentified, Julia Reed, Elaine Roberts. Middle row (l to r): John Reid Sr., Josephine Lee, Doris Washington. …

Portrait of members of an unknown African American club in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, circa 1950's. Back Row (l to r): E. Pierce, John Reid Sr., John Roberts, Calvin Taylor, Ernest Wallace, Prof. Rice. Front Row (l to r): Christine Pierce,…

Photo of members of Eastern Star group at unidentified church in the Williamsburg, Virginia area, ca. 1950s. Gentleman on far right is Thomas Kearney.

Local members of the Just Us Club, one of the oldest continuous clubs for African American women in the United States. Back row, left to right: [Evangeline Parker Moore or Bessie Parker Ashby], [Georgia Johnson or Louise "Billie" Hudson Orange],…

Members of the York-James City-Williamsburg branch of the NAACP in Grafton, Virginia, at Mount Gilead Baptist Church, 1949. Back row standing, left to right: Rev. Milton Banks, [unidentified], Rev. Frank Segar, [unidentified], Mr. Edlow, Rev. Samuel…

Buckeye Hunt Club, Williamsburg area, Va., circa 1950s. Back row, standing: Carl Linn, Josh Palmer, [unidentified], James Tabb, [unidentified]. Front row, kneeling: [unidentified], [unidentified], [unidentified], James Jackson, [unidentified], Warner…

Boy Scout Troop 70, Zion Baptist Church, Newport News, Virginia, circa 1950s.
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