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Ruins of Rosewell, Gloucester County, Virginia, 1930

Exterior elevation of Westover Plantation, Charles City County, Virginia, as viewed from the James River.

Front elevation of Mt. Airy, the seat of the Tayloe family near Richmond, Virginia, as it looked in the first half of the twentieth-century.

View of the side of the main building at Bacon's Castle with its gable end and triple chimney. Located in Surry County, Virginia, the home was erected in 1665 by colonial planter Arthur Allen.

An aerial view of Mt. Vernon, showing the layout of the buildings and surrounding lanes and landscaping.

A photograph of Stratford Hall, birthplace of Robert E. Lee, from an airplane. The perspective shows the house in the middle of fields and forests, with its outbuildings.

Recto and verso of official Colonial Williamsburg postcard illustrated with a photo of the front elevation of Berkeley Plantation.

Caption reads; "Most visited of the great James River plantations located along "scenic route five" between…
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