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Roof of the John Blair House, Williamburg, Virginia, under restoration

Detail of framing and round butt shingles in attic of Ampthill when in its original location in Chesterfield County, Virginia

Detail of Ballroom Wing of Ampthill when in its original location in Chesterfield County, Virginia

The Tayloe Office. Back of card reads: "The Tayloe Office, Williamsburg, Virginia. This office with its unusual bell-shaped roof served the wealthy planter Colonel John Tayloe when he came to Williamsburg as a member of the council."

Pre-restoration view of west façade of the Thomas Everard Kitchen (formerly known as the Brush-Everard Kitchen), Williamsburg, Virginia.

Pre-restoration view of north façade of the Chiswell-Bucktrout House (formerly the Chiswell House), Williamsburg, Virginia

Pre-restoration view of south and east facades of the Grissell Hay Lodging House Kitchen (formerly the Van Garrett or Archibald Blair Kitchen), Williamsburg, Virginia.

Pre-restoration view of the north façade of the Moody House, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Patsy Custis House, Williamsburg, Virginia, at its original location on Nicholson Street.

Pre-restoration view of north façade of the Wetherburn's Tavern (formerly the Richard Bland Tavern), Williamsburg, Virginia.

The Rolfe House, also known as Smith's Fort Plantation, in Surry County, Virginia.

Part of the Historic Virginia Peninsula series, this postcard published by The Dexter Press is misidentified as the John Marshall House. The image featured on the card depicts the John Blair House on Duke of Gloucester Street.

This exterior view…

Postcard featuring the Custis Kitchen created by C.T. American Art Blue-Sky and published by H.D. Cole, Williamsburg, Va.

The caption reads: "Williamsburg, Va. Mrs. Washington's kitchen. All that is left of her once imposing property, which was in…

Exterior of the Ewing House and Josias Moody House, viewed to the south on Francis Street, 1933. The Ewing House (on the left) " named for Ebenezer Ewing, a Scottish merchant. When he died in 1795, Ewing left the house to Elizabeth Ashton, the…

Exterior view of the Smokehouse, Laundry, Salthouse, and Bagnio outbuildings flanking the Governor's Palace to the west, 1933. In the foreground is the Palace Smokehouse (depicted by a whitewashed wooden structure with a shingled roof), where meat…
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