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View of fire damage to main staircase, Bassett Hall, Williamsburg, Virginia

View looking through living room doorway into stair passage at Kerr Place, Accomack County, Virginia

A view of the basement at Claremont Manor, Surry County, Virginia

Central stairway of the Governor's Palace, 1935, featuring richly carved wooden paneling and architectural elements exhibiting neoclassical ornamentation. Muskets are featured to the right of the stairway.

Interior furnishings and decor reflect…

View of the Governor's Palace garden terraces, also known as "falling gardens," 1935. In the foreground, a female costumed interpreter (originally referred to as a "hostess") sits on a bench. These falling gardens, in addition to the canal (at base…

View of the Governor's Palace garden terraces (originally known as "falling gardens"), 1935. A female costumed interpreter stands in a gown at the top of the garden stairway. The falling gardens are one of the Palace's original eighteenth-century…
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