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View through a window of the Governor's Palace Kitchen, Williamsburg, Virginia, looking towards the kitchen garden, where a costumed interpreter is at work, 1935.

Herbs and vegetables growing in an unidentified garden at Colonial Williamsburg. Brick pathways divide planter boxes filled with a variety of plants used by colonial cooks. A necessary or privy is visible at the back of the garden in a private spot…

An unidentified vegetable garden at Colonial Williamsburg. Often known as a kitchen garden, such plots provided space behind a colonial dwelling to grow vegetables and herbs for the household. A necessary or privy stands adjacent to the garden in a…

Recto and verso of postcard illustrated with an interior view of the George Wythe House kitchen, where several African American costumed interpreters are demonstrating colonial cooking techniques.

Caption reads: "The kitchen of the Wythe House was…

Recto and verso of postcard illustrated with a reproduction of a painting titled "Aunt Mary" by Eleanor R. Craighill. The African American costumed interpreter is seated on a chair in the Governor's Palace Kitchen at Colonial Williamsburg. This…
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