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Couple standing by ox drawn carriage on the west side of Duke of Gloucester Street with the Bowden-Armistead House in the background.

Pre-restoration view of the front elevation of the Seymour Powell Tenement, formerly known as the Powell-Hallam House, Williamsburg, Virginia

Pre-restoration view looking south across Duke of Gloucester Street towards Bell's Hospital and the Powder Magazine on Market Square, Williamsburg, Virginia

View looking east towards the side elevation of the William Finnie House, Williamsburg, Virginia

Pre-restoration view of the front elevation of the Robert Carter House viewed from across Palace Green in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Cole-038d w.jpg
View looking towards Samuel Harris' Cheap Store located at the corner of Botetourt and Duke of Gloucester Streets, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Cole-103 w.jpg
A group of African American children playing marbles outside the railroad depot in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Cole-102 w.jpg
Portrait of an African American woman, identified as Aunt Sally, standing on a porch holding a plate of flowers, Williamsburg, Virginia,

Cole-101 w.jpg
An African American in a horse drawn cart pulled up next to a row of carts and wagons, possibly outside Samuel Harris' Cheap Store in Williamsburg, Virginia,

Cole-100 w.jpg
Portrait of an African American woman known as Easter Burwell, the Duchess, standing in a street in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Cole-099 w.jpg
An African American woman and man conversing on the street in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Cole-098 w.jpg
Two African American men conversing by an ox cart in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Cole-096 w.jpg
A pre-restoration view of Tazewell Hall at the end of South England Street with the Mary Cary House to the right, Williamsburg, Virginia.
Constructed in the mid-eighteenth-century and originally serving as the home of John Randolph, the home was…

Cole-095 w.jpg
A pre-restoration view of a group of African Americans crossing the Capitol Landing Road Bridge in Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1904. A phrase under the photo reads: "Home again, home again, market is done."

Cole-092 w.jpg
A pre-restoration view of the front elevation of the St., George Tucker House, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Cole-091 w.jpg
A pre-restoration view of the St. George Tucker House in the snow, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Bal-49 W.jpg
A group of fish caught by a Ball family member labeled "this represents one-half of the catch".

Bal-47 W.jpg
A photo of two unidentified women sitting on the porch steps of a house.

Bal-46 W.jpg
Periodical illustration of a young girl identified as Virginia Ball, probably a member of the family of Frederick Hooker Ball.

Bal-45 W.jpg
A circular periodical illustration of a portrait of a woman identified as Mrs. Wilson, a member of the Frederick Hooker Ball family of Williamsburg, Virginia.
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