Will of Sarah Jerdone.

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Will of Sarah Jerdone.


Braikenridge, Sarah Jerdone, 1757-1793.
Jerdone, Francis, 1756-1841.
Jerdone, Sarah, 1732-1818--Estate.
Macaulay, Elizabeth Jerdone, 1759-1830.
Mitchell, Isabella Jerdone, 1761-1825.
Pottie, Mary Jerdone, 1754-1837.
Thompson, Anne Jerdone, 1763-1794.


Copy of the will of Sarah Jerdone, widow of Francis Jerdone, sent to Robert Anderson in Williamsburg.


Jerdone, Sarah, 1732-1818.


Helen M. Anderson Papers. MS 1989.13.


Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation








MS 1989.13.1

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In the name of God Amen. I Sarah Jerdone of the Parish
of St. Martin's, and County of Louisa widow and relict of Francis
Jerdone late of the said Parish and County, being in good
health, and by the blessing of God, of sound and disposing mind
and memory, yet remembering the uncertainty of Human
life, and of the Continuance of those blessings, do for the
settlement of all my worldly affairs, and for the purpose, of
disposing, not only all of the estate, of every kind, which I
have acquired, since the decease of my said husband, or
was entitled to, anterior thereto, but also, of all the estate,
which he, by his testament empowered me to dispose of,
as I might see fit, now make my Testament and last
will in manner and form following. In the first place,
having full faith, in Jesus Christ as the son of God one,
with the father and the Holy Ghost, and having a stedfast
Hope, that through his merits and mediation, my God will
receive my Spirit I commit it to his mercy and protection,
and that my executors herein after named, will Cause my
body, to be decently intered by the side of the remains of my
late husband Francis Jerdone, in hopes of a Joyful
resurrection to eternal life and happiness.

Item. If it shall appear, that any Just Debts were due
from me, at the time of my decease, it is my desire that
they, as well, as my funeral expenses shall be first paid
out of my residuary estate.

Item. If I depart this life, between the first day of January
and the first day of March in any year, It is my will, that
my Slaves herein after directed to be sold by my executors
herein after named, be sold as soon as may be, after my
decease, on such credit as my executors, or such of them,
as shall take that office on himself or themselves, shall
think proper in their discretion, and demand from the
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purchaser or purchasers Bond with good personal
securities or Real securities for the purchase money. But
if my decease shall happen, in any year, between the
first day of March, and the last day of December, that
my slaves aforesaid, be retained by my said executor or
executors on the Lands whereon they shall then be, to
labour during that period, for the benefit of my son
Francis Jerdone, and be sold on like credit, and upon
like security, as soon as may be thereafter. But in
either Case, if such executor or executors Consider it
to be more, for the advantage of those who are to receive
the benefit of such sale, that the said slaves should
be sold for ready money, he or they may sell them
for ready money.

Item. I had by my said Husband Francis Jerdone
five daughters to wit, Mary who was the widow of
George Pottie decd. and now the widow of Adam Toler
decd. Elizabeth now the widow of Alexander McAuley dec.
Isabella now the wife of Thomas Mitchell, Sarah, now
deceased, who was the wife of George Breckenridge
who is now supposed to be resident with his children
by her, in that part of the British Empire called
England, and Anne now deceased, who was the wife of
Charles Thompson and it being my will to provide for
them, who are alive, and the children of such of them who
are dead, allowing to the children of such of my daughters
who are dead, and of such as may die in my lifetime,
so much among the children of each, as their mother
would have had, if she had been alive, that is, one
fifth part of my estate herein after mentioned,
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after deducting from the amount five hundred pounds
Current money of Virginia, which sum I direct my
said executor or executors to pay to my daughter
Isabella the wife of Thomas Mitchell to be at her
disposal either by deed in writing under her hand
and seal in her lifetime, or by a writing appoint-
=ment in the nature of a last will and testament,
notwithstanding her Coverture, to take effect at her
decease but at no time subject to the Controul of
her husband.

Item. That part of my Estate which I mean to appriate
to my Daughters and their descendants, consists of one
thousand one hundred and eighty nine pounds six shillings
and five pence, heretofore advanced to my daughter
Elizabeth MCAuly to be deducted out of her share of
the whole estate, so to be appropriated, after first deduct=
=ing the five hundred pounds for the use of my
daughter Isabella Mitchell which I mean to give
to her limited as aforesaid, beyond the shares of my
other daughters, and their descendants but I mean
not, that the said debt due for my daughter
Elizabeth McAuly to me, and to be deducted out
of her share, should be chargeable with any Interest
from the time of the advancement, but that in
the distribution of my whole estate, if the whole
share of my daughter Elizabeth McAuly should be
less than the sum of one thousand one hundred and eighty nine
pounds six shillings and five pence, then and in that case
her part shall be made equal to that sum by my executor or
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executors herein after named, But if her part shall exceed
that sum, then she shall receive in addition to that
sum so much more of my estate as will make her share
equal to that of the rest of my Daughters and their descend=
=ants. I mean to appriate to the same purpose the
money or sums of money which may be obtained from
the sale of the slaves herein after directed to be sold,
and I mean to appropriate to the same purpose what=
=ever may be recovered of the descendants or representatives
of William Holt by a suit Originally brought by me
in the high Court of Chancery but now depending before
the Superior Court of Chancery by law directed to be
holden at the former Capitol in the City of Williamsburg.
Out of those three funds five hundred pounds must
first be deducted for the use of my daughter
Isabella Mitchell whom I mean to prefer so far, and after
that deduction my Will is, that the residue be divided
into five equal parts, of which I give and bequeath one, to
my daughter Mary Toler, one, to my daughter Elizabeth
McAuly, one to my daughter Isabella Mitchell, one
to the children of my daughter Sarah Breckenridge
to be equally divided among them, and to the chil=
=dren of my daughter and Thompson to be equally
divided among them; - But it is to be understood
that the debt due me from my daughter Elizabeth
McAuly must be deducted out of her fifth part,
and the debt itself so disposed of that she and all my
living daughters and the children of my deceased
daughters in manner aforesaid, be entitled to one fifth
part thereof, that is to say each of my living
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daughters including the said Elizabeth McCauly and the
children of each of my deceased daughters among them -
shall be entitled to one fifth part of the money so to be deduct=
=ed; But in no event shall my said daughter Elizabeth
McCauly receive less than the sum of one thousand one
hundred and eighty nine pounds six shillings and five
pence - as herein before mentioned. And in Case all
or any of the legatees under this my last will and
testament should object to the children of my deceased
daughters having their mothers proportion, of my estate,
or that part to which the mother would have
been entitled, had she been living, such a legatee or
legatees so objecting shall lose all benefit which he
or they would otherwise have derived, from the
money and debts herein before mentioned, and all
the sd. debts and money shall in that case be equally
divided among the children of the deceased daughter,
and among such other Legatees as shall acceed to the
principles of the above bequest.

Item It is my will that, my slaves herein after named, be
sold by my executors herein after named, or such of them
as shall take that Office upon himself or themselves
to wit Phebe, Christopher, Louisa, Beck, Peter, Julius, Saul, Sampson,
Ned, Dorcas, with her present increase, Rachel, Anderson
Mahala, Priss, Primus, Wyatt, Winefred, Amy, Pat,
Ned, Kitty, Venus, Edmund, David, Jacob, Cato, Sampson,
Patrick, Gibb, Sam, York & Juba also all the progeny
which the females among the said above mentioned
may have hereafter or between the date of these presents
and the sale of them for the purpose of making
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distribution as aforesaid.

Item I give to my grand son George Pottie one fifth part
of the share which would otherwise fall to his mother
Mary Toler, giving to her power and authority during her
life either by deed in writing or by her last will and
testament to dispose of the other four fifths of that share
at her pleasure, but if she shall die, without making
any such disposition, then and in that Case the said
four fifths shall be equally divided between Sarah
and Elizabeth daughters of my said daughter Mary

Item It is my will that my daughters Elizabeth McAuly
and Isabella Mitchell shall have, each, full power to
dispose of what they shall be entitled unto, under this will,
among their children by Deed in writing in the nature of
a last Will and Testament, in case of the latter, Notwith=
=standing her Coverture without any Controul of her husband.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Francis Jerdone
all my household furniture of every kind and description,
all my wheel Carriages of every kind, and all my stock
of every kind whatsoever, releasing unto him all actions and
suits, and all Causes of actions, and suits, and all and every
Claim or demand, whatsoever which I now have or which
my executors might otherwise have against my said son
after my decease. And all the rest and residue of my
estate not herein particularly devised I give and bequeath
to be equally divided among all my daughters which
are now living and the descendants of those who are
dead, under the same restrictions and limitations as
our herein before mentioned and expressed, subject only
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to the payment of my just debts and the expenses
of my funeral.

Item It is my will that all my personal estate as well as
what may be recovered of the executors and representatives
of the above named William Holt shall be inventoried
by my executors and the inventory returned to the Court
where this will shall be recorded but that no part of
the said estate shall be appraised.

Item I hereby revoke all former and other wills by me
heretofore made.

Item I hereby Constitute and appoint my son Francis Jer=
=done, my son in Law Charles Thompson, my grand son
Geo: Pottie and my grand son John Thompson to be executors
of this my last will and testament --- dated this 20th
day of March 1813.
Sarah Jerdone seal

Signed, Sealed published and
declared by Sarah Jerdone
as her testament & last will
in the presence of
Nelson Moss, Joseph Spicer

May 29th – 1815. By way of Codicil to the within will,
I will, and desire, that in the event that I should
survive my daughter Isabella Mitchell, all that
part of my estate given to her, shall be equally
divided amongst her seven children, also I will, and
desire, that, all that part of my Estate given to George
Pottie shall be equally divided amongst his five
children ; In addition to the executors within mention=
=ed, I now think proper to add William Mitchell
[page 8]

son of Thomas Mitchell of Louisa & Charles Thompson
son of Charles Thompson of Hanover. Witness my hand
and seal the day above mentioned.
Sarah Jerdone seal

Nelson Moss
Joseph Spicer

At a Court held for Louisa County on Monday the 9th day
of November 1818. A writing purporting to be the last
will and Testament of Sarah Jerdone deceased, was
exhibited in open Court, and proved by the Oaths of
Nelson Moss and Joseph Spicer subscribing witnesses
thereto, and by the Court Ordered to be recorded, and a
Codicil thereto annexed was also proved by the Oaths of
Nelson Moss and Joseph Spicer, which is likewise
Ordered to be recorded – and on the motion of Francis
Jerdone, William Mitchell Jr. and Charles Thompson Jr.
executors therein named, who made oath according
to Law, a Certificate is granted them for obtaining
a Probat thereof in due form, they having together
with approved security entered into and acknowledged
Bond in the penalty of fifty thousand dollars, Con=
=ditioned according to Law.
John Poindexter C.C.

A Copy - Teste
John Poindexter C.C.
[page 9]

(Executors Bond)
Know all men by these presents that we Francis Jerdone,
William Mitchell Jr., Charles Thompson Jr., William
Nelson Jr., & Richard Morris Jr. are held and firmly
bound unto John Downing, Charles Dabney Jr., Thomas
Gardner & Reuben Cowherd, Gentleman Justices of Louisa
County now sitting in the sum of Fifty thousand Dollars. To
which payment well and truly to be made to the said
Justices and their successors, we bind ourselves and each
of us, our & each of our heirs &c jointly and severally,
firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and
dated the 9th day of November 1818.

The Condition of the above obligation is such, that if
the above bound Francis Jerdone, William Mitchell
Jr. and Charles Thompson Jr. executors of the last Will
and Testament of Sarah Jerdone deceased, do make
a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular,
the goods, Chattels and Credits of the said deceased,
which have or shall Come to the hands, possession
or knowledge of the said Francis Jerdone, William Mitchell
Junr and Charles Thompson Jr or into the hands or possession
of any other person or persons for them, and the same
so made, do exhibit into the said County Court, at
such time as they shall be thereto required by the
said Court, and the same goods, Chattels and estates
do well and truly administer according to Law,
and make a just and true account, of their actings
and doings therein when thereto required by the
said Court, and further do well and truly pay
[page 10]

and deliver all the Legacies Contained and Specified
in the said will as far as the said goods, chattels
and Credits will extend, according to the value, or
so far as the Law shall charge, then this Obliga=
=tion to be void, else to remain in full force and
Francis Jerdone seal
William Mitchell Jr. seal
Charles Thompson Jr. Seal
Wm Nelson jr. seal
R. Morris Jun. Seal

Thomas Baker

A Copy – Teste
John Poindexter C. C.

Copy this Will .70cts
Do Ecors Bond .35
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Louisa C H
28 Decr 1818


Mr. Robert Anderson

3 Sheets

Sarah Jerdones Will.

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Ink on paper.



Jerdone, Sarah, 1732-1818., “Will of Sarah Jerdone.,” John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed January 26, 2022, https://rocklib.omeka.net/items/show/33.