Fort Magruder, Williamsburgh, Va.

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Fort Magruder, Williamsburgh, Va.


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Centennial Photographic Company
Fort Magruder (Va.)
Williamsburg, Battle of, Williamsburg, Va., 1862


This photo captures several men sitting atop redoubts as they contemplate the events that took place not so long ago at the site of Fort Magruder, the most important Confederate defense line immediately east of Williamsburg. They are seated upon a portion of the earthen walls that once formed the outline of the fort.

The Battle of Williamsburg occurred on May 5, 1862. To buy time for Confederate troops evacuating the peninsula towards Richmond, General Johnston chose to send a smaller contingent back to take defensive posts outside of Williamsburg. Led by General James Longstreet, the troops assembled around earthworks constructed to protect two roads leading to Williamsburg. As the rebels pursued the Confederates, they encountered the surprise defense line and a bloody skirmish ensued. The Union assault proved to be too powerful for the Confederate soldiers, who eventually retreated, yet were pleased with their efforts to delay the Union army’s progress towards the Confederate capital at Richmond.


Centennial Photographic Company


ca. 1875


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Centennial Photographic Company, “Fort Magruder, Williamsburgh, Va.,” John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed July 18, 2024,