Palace Green Viewed from the Governor's Palace

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Palace Green Viewed from the Governor's Palace


Governor's Palace (Williamsburg, Va.)
Block 20. Building 03.
Historic buildings - Virginia - Williamsburg
Public buildings - Virginia - Williamsburg


Hand-colored lantern slide featuring photo of Palace Green taken by F.S. Lincoln from a second floor window in the Governor's Palace in 1935. It is the fortieth slide in a set produced by the Pacific Stereopticon Co. of Los Angeles, California, now defunct, to illustrate the story of Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin's dream to restore a portion of Williamsburg, Virginia to its 18th-century appearance as a shrine to early American ideals.

Overhead view of the Palace Green, looking south through a window of the Governor's Palace. Palace Street rings the Green. At the front gate of the Palace stands a gowned female costumed interpreter (once referred to as a "hostess"), while a carriage drawn by two horses stands in the front drive. Two male costumed interpreters, representing enslaved coachmen, wait with the carriage.

The long, broad expanse of the Green, lined on either side by catalpa trees (also known as catawba trees), creates an impressive vista and impression of grandeur upon approach to the Palace. "Palace Green was intended to focus the eye as well as the mind on the source of executive authority in Virginia and to provide the stately official residence at its head with an unimpeded vista to the heart of the community and beyond."

(Source: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation website, "See the Places: Historic Sites and buildings: Palace Green,"


Lincoln, F.S.


Pacific Stereopticon Company









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Special Collections, John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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Lantern slide

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2 x 3 inches


Lincoln, F.S., “Palace Green Viewed from the Governor's Palace,” John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, accessed March 1, 2024,