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Prince Charles Exits the Governor's Palace


Prince Charles paid a visit to the College of William and Mary in May of 1981. During this visit, he made a quick detour and visited parts of Colonial…

Lord Mayor of London Denys Lowson Visiting Jamestown


Given a moment of free time during their visit to Williamsburg, the Lord Mayor of London (Denys Lowson) and his wife (Patricia Lowson) chose to visit …

Robert Carter House


Pre-restoration view looking across Palace Green towards the Robert Carter House (formerly known as the Saunders-Dinwiddie House), Williamsburg,…

Public Gaol


Pre-restoration view of the Public Gaol, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928.

Robert Carter House


Pre-restoration view of the side elevation of the Robert Carter House (formerly the Saunders Dinwiddie House), circa 1928.