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Casey's Store Under Construction


Progress photo of Casey's Store under construction, Williamsburg, Virginia, February 16, 1931. Once located on the corner of North Henry and Duke of…

Williamsburg Drug Company


North elevation of the Williamsburg Drug Company, Williamsburg, Virginia, March 18, 1931. Originally located in the block of Duke of Gloucester…

Mullen's Store


South elevation off Mullen's Store, Williamsburg, Virginia, May 6, 1931. Originally located on Duke of Gloucester Street, this building was destroyed…

Utility Workers on Merchants Square


Laborers installing underground wiring along Duke of Gloucester Street in the Merchants Square area, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1932.

Restoration of Powder Magazine


Scaffolding surrounds the Powder Magazine during its restoration on Market Square, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1935.