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Tayloe Office, Williamsburg, Virginia


The Tayloe Office. Back of card reads: "The Tayloe Office, Williamsburg, Virginia. This office with its unusual bell-shaped roof served the…

Brush Everard House, Williamsburg, Virginia


Postcard featuring a photo of the Brush-Everard House (now known as the Thomas Everard House) during a winter snow storm. Back of card reads: The…

Robertson's Windmill, Williamsburg, Virginia


Postcard featuring a photo of Robertson's Windmill soon after its reconstruction at the rear of the Peyton Randolph House property. Back of card…

Carter- Saunders House, Williamsburg, Va.


Recto and verso of postcard featuring photo of the Carter-Saunders House (now known as the Robert Carter House.) Back of card reads: The Carter…

Semple House Kitchen


Semple House (now William Finnie House) Kitchen, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930's