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Pre-restoration view looking east on Duke of Gloucester Street from College Corner, Williamsburg, Virginia, December 1, 1931. The south block of Merchants Square, a shopping district created for businesses being displaced by Williamsburg's…

Pre-restoration view of a portion of Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Virginia, prior to the removal of the grass median and telephone poles, Dec. 11, 1928.

View of the restored Brick House Tavern on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1940.

Pre-restoration view of the front of the Taliaferro-Cole house on Duke of Gloucester Street in Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1940.

Restoration progress view of the front elevation of the Peyton Randolph House, formerly the Randolph-Peachy House, on Nicholson Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, August 16, 1941.

Progress photo of front elevation of Chowning's Tavern under reconstruction, Williamsburg, Virginia, July 3, 1941.

Restoration progress photo of the front elevation of the Lightfoot House, previously known as the Allen-Byrd House, located on Francis Street in Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930s.

Construction progress on Edinburgh Castle Tavern, originally known as Burdette's Ordinary, Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930s.

Progress photo of northwest elevation of the icehouse behind the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia, November 15, 1934. Laborers works on sorting bricks to the right while portions of several railroad cars are visible to the left.

View looking across the C&O railroad tracks towards the ballroom wing of the Governor's Palace under reconstruction, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930s.

Pre-restoration view of the front elevation of the Grissell-Hay Lodging House, formerly known as the Van Garrett House, located on Nicholson Street facing the Courthouse Green in Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930s.

Wallace shops located on Boundary Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, April 16, 1931., prior to their demolition. A "Corner Billiards" sign and a bus schedule are posted on one of the buildings.

Progress photograph looking across the newly planted maze towards the formal gardens at the Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1935.

A pre-restoration view of the Chiswell-Bucktrout House, formerly known as the Freeman House, located on Francis Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928. A boy stands out front on roller skates.

Pre-restoration view along Francis Street of the Ewing House, Henry K. Graves House, and Mount Ararat Baptist Church, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928.

Outbuilding on grounds of Cleve, King George County, Virginia, June 1931.

Detail of exterior of Bacon's Castle, Surry County, Virginia, June, 1931.

Exterior elevation of Stratford Hall, located in Westmoreland County, Virginia, as pictured in Arthur A. Shurcliff's photograph album titled "Stratford Hall: Numbered Photographs of Foundations, Brickwork, etc., excavated by the Landscape Architect"…

View of Port Royal, in Caroline County, Virginia from "Southern Colonial Places: Plans, Photostats and Notes" assembled by Arthur Shurcliff in manuscript form but never officially published, circa 1932.

Documentary photo of a common lilac bush in Williamsburg, Virginia, circa late 1920s, taken by landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff as part of his study of local flora.
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