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Pre-restoration view looking northwest on Duke of Gloucester Street from the site of the colonial Capitol towards the Dora (Cary Peyton) Armistead House, (located on the site of Charlton's Coffeehouse in this photo), Williamsburg, Virginia, circa …

A postcard set titled "Greetings from Historic Williamsburg. A Collection of images from Colonial Williamsburg." The cover page includes the Governor's Palace, a view of the Palace gardens, and the interior of Bruton Parish Church. Page two has…

Mrs. Wattles posing with a group affiliated with the Austrian United Nations Organization in front of the Capitol, 1949.

Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Basil Brooke, and his wife, Lady Brooke, toured Colonial Williamsburg on April 23, 1950. Here they can be seen on their tour of the Capitol . Behind them can be seen the Peale portrait of George Washington.

APVA monument on the site of the colonial Capitol of Williamsburg, Virginia, looking west down Duke of Gloucester Street, circa 1928. The Palmer House is visible to the left and the Cary Peyton Armistead House on the right.

Hand-colored photograph of the reconstructed colonial Capitol, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930's

Northwest elevation of the reconstructed Capitol, 1932.

George Seaton and Jack Lord conferring about a scene outside the Capitol during the filming of "Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot" in Williamsburg, Virginia, 1956.

View of part of the apsidal ends of the Capitol, Williamsburg, Virginia, during its reconstruction in the early 1930s.

Detail view of the royal coat of arms above one of the brick arches on the exterior of the Capitol, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa early 1930s. As work on the Capitol's reconstruction progressed, such architectural details conveyed the symbolic…

View of the House of Burgesses, Capitol, 1935. Located on the first floor (east wing) of the reconstructed Capitol building of 1705, this room served as a place for members of Virginia's House of Burgesses to assemble to discuss legislative issues.…

This image of the reconstructed Capitol shows its south and west facades. Rounded apsidal ends derive from Roman basilicas which contained such features in which public magistrates officiated. Completed during the reign of Queen Anne, the original…

The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA) acquired the site of Williamsburg’s colonial Capitol building in 1897 as a donation from the Old Dominion Land Company. They removed remnants of the Williamsburg Female Academy…

Lantern slide featuring a photograph of an engraving made from the Bodleian plate, an 18th-century copperplate discovered at the Bodleian Library that provided crucial visual evidence of the appearance of several public buildings in 18th-century…

Walter Cronkite visited Colonial Williamsburg during the 1967 Prelude to Independence event. Mr. Cronkite was one of many notable guests at the 1967 Prelude to Independence, which ran from May 15 to July 4. The main celebration occurred on May 27,…

As part of warming relations with China following President Nixon's February 1972 visit, the Chinese table tennis team toured America in April 1972, including a stop at Colonial Williamsburg. In this photograph, a costumed interpreter and translator…

King Muhammad V of Morocco in the Capitol. King Muhammad visited Colonial Williamsburg in 1957 as part of a regular state visit. Colonial Williamsburg President Carlisle Humelsine invited the King to luncheon at Christiana Campbell's Tavern, a…

Prince Charles and Governor John Dalton during their visit to the Capitol in 1981. The Prince of Wales toured the United States, stopping in Colonial Williamsburg in the footsteps of his mother and grandmother. Prince Charles visited the Governor's…