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Pre-restoration view looking across Palace Green towards the Robert Carter House (formerly known as the Saunders-Dinwiddie House), Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1928.

Pre-restoration view of the side elevation of the Robert Carter House (formerly the Saunders Dinwiddie House), circa 1928.

Matthew Whaley School, once located on the site of the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg, Virginia, 1928.

Recto and verso of postcard featuring photo of the Carter-Saunders House (now known as the Robert Carter House.) Back of card reads: The Carter Saunders House, Williamsburg, Virginia. Erected early in the 18th century, this house was purchased by…

Pre-restoration view of the south façade of the the Grissell-Hay Lodging House (formerly the Archibald Blair House or Van Garrett Tenement,)

Pre-restoration view of south façade of the St. George Tucker House, Nicholson Street, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Pre-restoration view of north façade of the Bracken Tenement, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Pre-restoration view of south façade of the Tayloe House (formerly known as the Elizabeth Coleman House), Williamsburg, Virginia

Pre-restoration view of the Dr. Barraud House (formerly the Mercer House.)

The St. George Tucker Law Office, Nicholson Street, Williamsburg, Virginia. Since the structure was erected in the nineteenth-century, it was demolished during the restoration of the property to its eighteenth-century appearance..

Installation of the royal coat of arms on the pediment of the Governor's Palace Ballroom Wing, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1930s

Exterior of the Governor's Palace, north facade, viewed from behind the Palace, 1935. In the foreground, standing along the central path of the Palace's formal gardens, are three female costumed interpreters (once called "hostesses"), dressed in…

View looking across the Governor's Palace Ballroom towards the door leading into the Supper Room. The pediment exhibits richly carved neo-classical ornamentation and the royal coat of arms of the kingdom of Great Britain.