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View looking through the front gate towards the entrance of the Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa early 1930s. Taken by contract photographer Frank Nivison to document progress on the reconstruction of the Palace complex, the slide…

Wrought iron gate with ball and chain weight on Windsor Castle grounds,

Exterior view of the Governor's Palace Ballroom Wing and formal gardens, north facade, as seen through an elaborate clairvoyée (wrought-iron gate) behind the Palace, 1933. The Ballroom Wing of the Palace, featured in the background, was built as an…

Exterior view through a wrought-iron gate of the north facade of the Governor's Palace Ballroom Wing and formal gardens, 1933. In the background stands the Ballroom Wing, an addition constructed during the early 1750s by Governor Robert Dinwiddie,…

Exterior of the Governor's Palace, looking out through the front gate at the arrival of a carriage and costumed interpreters, 1933. “The Governor’s Palace was an important element in [Williamsburg’s] great civic design. Sited at the end of a broad,…
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