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A section of a garden parterre featuring a decorative shell border is shown along a brick pathway in an unidentified garden at Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930s.

Boxwood hedges and flowering trees accent a walled garden within the grounds of the Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930s.

Close-up view of a meal typically served in the Travis House restaurant when located on Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, circa 1930s.

Teahouse in the garden behind the Travis House restaurant when it was located on Block 13 along Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1935.

Exterior view of the A & P Store (south side of Merchants Square), from the corner of Duke of Gloucester Street and North Henry Streets, 1935. The A&P Food Market, which was later converted into the Craft House, stands at the street corner. Next…

Post-restoration view of the William Lightfoot House, once known as the Nightingale House. Yorktown merchant William Lightfoot constructed the dwelling to serve as a town home during visits to Williamsburg to participate in the Governor's Council.…

A vista looking towards the river in an unidentified Virginia garden, circa 1935.

View of one of the four terraces within the formal garden of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire, England, circa 1930s.

Vista looking down the central path in the terraced formal garden of Canons Ashby, Northhamptonshire, England, circa 1930s.

Automobiles parked in the semi-circular drive in front of the Williamsburg Inn, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Hand-colored lantern slide featuring photo of Courthouse of 1770 taken by F.S. Lincoln in 1935. One of the eighty-eight original structures at Colonial Williamsburg, the Courthouse stood on this site from 1770 onwards but underwent a number of minor…

Lantern slide depicting the advertisement titled "To Be Sold, by William Prince, At Flushing Landing, on Long Island, near New York, a large collection, as follows, of Fruit Trees and Shrubs."
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