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Front elevation of Little England, Gloucester County, Virginia

A view of the gable end of Claremont Manor, Surry County, Virginia

D2008-COPY-1014-1006 - Bracken Tenement001.jpg
Exterior of the Bracken Tenement (formerly known as the Montague House), view of the east façade, 1928. “The Reverend Mr. John Bracken, who had extensive real estate holdings along Francis Street, owned the…Bracken Tenement...and the Bracken Kitchen.…

Exterior of the George Reid House, western facade, viewed from Duke of Gloucester Street, 1933. Built around 1790, it served as a residence for a merchant who owned a shop further up the street. "Archaeological excavations revealed that a path near…

Exterior of the St. George Tucker House, viewed from behind the fence of the Roscow-Cole Stable yard across Nicholson Street, 1933. This view of the St. George Tucker property shows the front elevation of one of the Historic Area's original…
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